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Did you know?

There are 77,000 chiropractors in the United States who are required to pass a series of four national board exams. DCs have broad diagnostic skills and are also trained to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, as well as to provide nutritional, lifestyle and dietary counseling. To learn more key facts about the chiropractic profession click here!

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All of the functions related to the amazing human body are controlled and coordinated by the extensive neural network. Interference or stresses in any part of the nerve system may result in health problems in a variety of areas throughout our bodies. Take a moment and explore which areas of the body are influenced by the different areas of your spine. You will be amazed at how the spine and nerve system are interrelated and connected to every aspect of our expression of health and wellness.

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What Does a Doctor of Chiropractic Do?

The chiropractic physician has a scope of care based upon the licensing board of that state, which does vary from state to state. As a whole, the profession chooses not to use drugs or surgery but instead seeks to encourage the body's innate recuperative power as a self healing, self regulating system. This means that as your chiropractor, along with removing vertebral subluxations, I may use other natural tools such as acupuncture, nutrition, fitness recommendations, ergonomic changes to your workstation or car, proprioceptive exercises and re-training, and/or stress management techniques to assist your body in maintaining HEALTH. The chiropractic college education includes many hours in diagnostic training as well as the needs of special populations (geriatrics, pediatrics, etc) and will be knowledgeable in when certain conditions or treatment would not be appropriately managed by a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC). In these cases you may be totally referred out or co-managed by both your chiropractor and another physician or practitioner.

Chiropractic Scope of Practice

Although some of those in the healthcare industry may provide some similar kinds of care such as massage, diagnosis, radiography, therapeutic modalities, athletic training techniques, and/or strength and conditioning for example, the DC may also do all of those things in their scope of practice. If you are looking for a a chiropractor for the first time you may want to consider the kinds of services that that particular office offers and the philosophy of that doctor. Each office is slightly different just as every patient is unique as well. It is important to find a doctor-patient relationship with the right fit!

Children and Chiropractic

You may be asking yourself why kids need chiropractic care. The reason is simply because they are kids! If you are a parent then you realize that things happen. The number of bumps, falls, plops, slips, and slides even before the age of five seems uncountable. Did you also know that the U. S. National Institutes of Health, children aged five through fourteen sustained an estimated 2.38 million sports and recreational injuries per year between years 1997 and 1999. The majority of these injuries are minor, but these subtle traumas to their developing skeleton can create bigger problems down the road. I find many people who visit our office as an adult are dealing with a chronic problem that most likely began from a structural dysfunction or physical trauma in childhood. I do have to say "play" is absolutely a critical element to child growth and development. Working in the field, I have witnessed children take tremendous traumas in football, martial arts, and gymnastics despite the best training. Although we teach them to "shake it off" for now, what about later? Because we use a variety of techniques such as Activator, Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) and low force manual adjusting, individuals should feel comfortable getting spinal check-ups no matter what their age.

What is a Chiropractic Sports Physician

A chiropractic sports physician is a practitioner who has specialized training in the area of biomechanics, exercise physiology, emergency medicine protocols, and the evaluation of concussion. They have committed themselves to annual continuing education in sports medicine. They typically work well on a multidisciplinary team of providers and are highly respected in the world of high performance, fitness and sports. Because of their experience in the assessment and treatment of upper and lower extremity issues you can benefit from the approach of a Chiropractic Sports Physician no mater what age, and whether you consider yourself an athlete or not.

To learn more, visit the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians website

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