Sports physicals are often referred to as pre-participation physicals because they are usually required annually by schools and sports clubs to ensure the safety of everyone on the team. This will include a basic physical exam that evaluates all the main systems of the body. We also look at ranges of motion, balance, and functional movements like squatting, jumping that may be required for your sport. Some of the special testing that we include for the expanded sports physical are an important part of preparing your student athlete for the season by learning their baseline performance metrics. 

What is the ImPact screening?

ImPact is a computer based screen that looks at neurocognitive function (basically evaluating some of the ways your brain functioning). We can take those results and compare to normative data that has been obtained from other's athletes. We can also do follow up testing if an individual has been injured. This information can help us diagnose a concussion and determine when is the right time to return to play. The ImPact screening is done in a quiet room in the office and takes about 30 minutes to complete. This type of screening is utilized with many area schools, at the Olympic Training Centers, and in professional sports. 

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a test that has been developed by human performance specialists Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS and Lee Burton, PhD, ATC, CSCS. What makes this test unique is that there are seven specific test that have been studied over and over again, and have been found to predict the risk for injury. When performing an Functional Movement Screen we are looking for symmetry in the body along with an individual's ability to demonstrate normal (primitive) movement patterns. It has been found that when an athlete is not able to perform proper patterns of movement that the sport specific activities that require those movements are compromised. Dr. McCleary can quickly perform a movement screen on the field on in the office to provide you with you or your athlete's FMS score. FMS results can been helpful to the coaching staff, trainers, and strength and conditioning specialist that work with your athlete to prepare for the season and minimize risk for injury. High schools, university athletic programs, and pro sports like the National Football League as a measure to evaluate their athletes.

sports physicals

We offer two types of sports physicals:

Pre-participation Physical
  1. History
  2. Physical Exam
    1. vials
    2. vision check
    3. strength
    4. range of motion
    5. sport specific test
    6. physical exam

Expanded Sports Physical

  1. Pre-participation Physical (15 minutes)
  2. ImPact baseline concussion screening (30-45 minutes)
  3. Functional Movement Screening (15 minutes)

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